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We have all heard the many excuses (and some of us may have even used them) when it comes to debts owing.  The key is to distinguish between what is being disputed and what is beings used as a deflection of no money to pay.  The difference?  Disputed debts can...
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Now is the time to sit back and reflect on what the potential employment landscape will look like going into 2018-19 year with the influence of the Labour-led Government. We are all aware the minimum wage has increased from $15.75 per hour to $16.50 per hour. The Government'...
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Cash is King

July 17, 2018
Cash is the lifeline of any business.  If you run out of cash it can cripple the business and prevent any growth and in the extreme case, result in the liquidation of the company.  While we would love the cash cow business, the reality is where does the cash go? Ca...
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April 26, 2018
Some would argue that it is rare for the IRD to get something right – but, in our opinion, this time they have got it spot on!  What is AIM?  It stands for “Accounting Income Method” and effectively calculates your tax liability as you go, almost like PAYE fo...
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One of the worst kept secrets of 2018 was the increase in the Bright Line test.  This has now passed into legislation with effect from the 29th March 2018.  It was also the first “test” for the Government on changes of Tax under the National Government and the ...
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When a gift is not a gift?

January 31, 2018
As we come out of the time of giving and look at all the Christmas presents we have received, and in particular the unwanted gifts from Great Aunt Gertrude, we consider what is considered by the IRD as a gift. If for example, you were to gift one of the Christmas presents th...
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We have increasingly been asked what our opinion is of Bitcoin and, to a lesser extent, the general cryptocurrency trend.  Are they the “new” money or just a flash in the pan and a form of commodity investment much like Gold futures and stock options? While the inte...
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The Cash Economy

November 15, 2017
There has been commentary in the media in recent years over the focus of IRD on the cash economy. The question that arises is why is there such an emphasis on the “hidden” or cash based economy within New Zealand? It is important to note that while the IRD is focusing on...
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